We are a Pan-African ideas Agency with our head office in Johannesburg, South Africa. We also have presence in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Mozambique, Uganda and Nigeria through a combination of owned and affliate Agencies. Our vision is to use creativity to change Africa for the better. By 2038 we will be a billion dollar company and among top 20 of Africa’s greatest companies.

Our Story

who we are 

Our team is made up of transdisciplinary problem solvers, drawn from a diverse range of right-brained and left-brained professions. We are not in the business of advertising or simply brand building, but rather we see ourselves as problem solvers who create and bring great ideas to life. Ideas that shape, direct, change and create new experiences, new ideas, new symbols and above all, new human connections. After all, the value of a brand is in it’s ability to create and maintain meaningful human connections?

In most agencies, 90% of the management focus is on the magic, but 90% of the client’s money is spent on the logic.

IAA, 2006

logic & magic

We believe in profitable ideas that make a profit. This means as an ideas company, we are not just focused on the magic of our own creative idea, but in the logic of sound business solutions that make sense to our clients and create value for their brands and their businesses. We believe that a great campaign is always the result of co-creation between various actors that include our clients, the target customers, trade partners and our creative problem solvers

how we work / process

armies of ideas

In a world of diverse cultures and fragmented digital connections, it’s not enough to have one Big Idea. We believe in an army of ideas, working in concert to solve big problems, quickly and seamlessly by breaking them down into adaptable units that individually speak to a diverse audience. We combine an astute understanding of the customer journey and with our transdisciplinary approach to problem solving in order to formulate compelling value propositions and craft approprate call-to-actions.


Client brief research: Qualitative / Quantitative.


Distil findings into useful insights.


Establish brand truth,consumer truth. Brainstorm, prototyping and testing.


Development and refinement of solution / creative expression.


Track results and report Feedback loop back to search.

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail."

our work

We have done some amazing work with our clients over the years, below is a small showcase of some of the campaigns that we are very proud of! 
Peter Ndlovo Story 

PPC, Africa’s leading cement manufacturer, wanted to take advantage of the World Cup to sponsor the “Rest of Africa” Broadcast. We developed an emotive ad, profiling the journey of Peter Ndlovu (the first African to play in the EPL) from his roots in Bulawayo, to EPL success.

Tanganda tea
Tanganda Tea Lengend Tales

Tanganda tea, Zimbabwe’s leading tea producer, was looking for a campaign to establish them as heritage brand in the Southern African Region. The concept of the campaign was built around the Great Zimbabwe Kingdom, its powerful Queen, and a Tea Maester. The result was a powerful TV and print campaign, which received much recognition and accolades.


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